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About us

We are Edith and Henk Salm and we live in the small town of Esbeek, in the south of the Netherlands, near Tilburg.
Our dog family consists out of  9 beautiful and lovely Rhodesian Ridgebacks:

Since Decemberf 2003 Dutch. International CH. Ferra's Chuma Mexx Fan ûnder de Mûne (Mexx)  and out of Mexx 1st litter her beautiful daughter
Mumoja (Puma).
Since July 2008 Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff (Davi) is also part of our dog family. Davidoff is imported from Sweden.
Since April 2009 we welcomed out of Mexx 2nd litter Paerdecroon Baroness Balenciaga (Ciaga) and WJW '10  Paerdecroon Baron Borg (Borg).

Since April 2011 we welcomed Dutch Junior CH / Europajugendsieger Kimani's Mojo Fan under de Mune. Mojo is a son of our Paerdecroon Baron Borg out of his first litter with Shakira's Kimani Fan under de Mune.

On 13 April 2012  the first litter of Puma & Davidoff is born; puppy girl salmon  Paerdecroon Diva Dexx will stay as a new member of our pack.

On 3 June 2012 Aminiafu Hishima Henorr arrived from Norway; she is a daughter of Paerdecroon Baron Borg & Kangelani's Gentle Gaby by Clay.

Since 2 December 2012 our Ridgeback pack is completed with Borg's Nyne fan ûnder de mûne.  Nyne is a daughter of Paerdecroon Baron Borg
and Shakira's Kimani fan ûnder de mûne. She is a full sister of our Kimani's Mojo fan ûnder de mûne.

Since 27 August 2014 we welcome Voiis (Nyanga Evjohar Chaitali) to our pack. Voiis is a son of our Zaxxon's Delightful Davidoff.

On 2 October 2014 to our undescribable sadness we lost our wonderful boy Paerdecroon Baron Borg. 

Besides dogs we have two horses: Reweampla (named Roos - 1998 - brown - Clavecimbel x Juburg - own breed - ster / prok/KWPN and Ko (Connemara x  Hierarch KWPN - 1998 ). Both  are KWPN (Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands) registered. Roos comes out of well known breed and sport pedigrees also in the mother bloodlines.
When we came to live in Esbeek in 1993, our dream was complete to have horse stables, riding facilities and grass-land at home and we also have a chance to breed and raise some foals.

Since childhood we like to ride horses and until some years ago we took part in a lot of dressage competitions. Nowadays we only ride for fun.

After 100 meters the street we live in passes into the national parks Gorp & Rovert (1.200 hectare) and Landgoed De Utrecht (2.500 hectare); so a lot of space for walking and riding.

Before 2003, when Mexx came into our family as a puppy, we always have had several older ‘’second hand’’ dogs, which were looking for a new home.
We had noticed the Rhodesian Ridgeback for a much longer time but we were not familiar enough with this breed to dare to take the risk to go for a ‘’replacement’’.
The Ridgeback is a marvelous dog, which we should have noticed much earlier.
We have no intention to breed frequently. We purely breed when we have an absolute passion for a specific combination and with the objective to keep one pup by ourselves.
Our mission is to breed Ridgebacks by the FCI breeding standard. Of course that is not the only point. We also want to breed healthy Ridgebacks, with top characters and excellent movements.
We pursuit for our puppy owners to breed not only a nice looking dog but we also want them to have a lot of fun and happiness with their Ridgeback as a family member.

Our kennel name "Paerdecroon" has been formally registrated at De Raad van Beheer on June 8, 2007.
Henk obtained the official certificate for the training KK1 (Kynologische Kennis I) on April 21, 2008. On June 30, 2011 Henk passed the examination of the education KK2 (Kynologische Kennis II) with success. In March 2012 Henk passed the examination for E&B (Exterior and Movement), which  made him an aspirant judge. In November 2014 Henk passed the breed examination of the Rhodesian Ridgeback. This made Henk FCI judge for the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Henk is now speciallizing to become a judge for the breed Dalmatian.
We are a member of the Dutch Rhodesian Ridgeback Club (RRCN) and have conformed to the Club breeding rules.
Furthermore we are a member of the Specialkubben Rhodesian Ridgeback Sweden.

We wish you a lot of reading and viewing pleasure on our site. If you have any questions or remarks, please feel free to contact us.

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