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Some of the comments we have received from the new owners:
You asked whether we had missed things or rather would have seen different in taken care of the pups, but the answer is really unqualified NO! You have done a great job. Well .... maybe next time they can be clean at once! No, I can really think of anything. (Karin and Bob)

You do not know half how delighted we are with Munira! We could not have chosen better breeders than you. And for what it is worth - even if it was for you the first time – everyone wants to have puppies which were brought up with so much love and dedication. Seems a challenge to you to hold this quality up for the next litter. (Hans and Marion)

You guys have done a great job we think!
As you have taken care of the puppies and they have been very good socialized! Also the contact was and still is very nice!
The pictures, e-mails ... it was all great! (Mark and Andra)

Now a response to our breeders!
We are very pleased with you. You kept us very well informed about everything. Mexx first of its claims and later of the puppies. We were and are always welcome at your place. Not only when the pups arrived, but also to see Mexx growing during the pregnancy. I really enjoyed this, because we could learn Mexx very well and you can make a better assessment of the possible nature of your puppy.
You also have placed a lot of beautiful photographs on a universally accessible site. So you can see and follow the first 3 weeks very good. (The voice on the phone that Edith just had spoken when the pups were born, was really wonderful with the puppies wheezing in the background.)
Your dedication to Mexx and the pups is really great. As a result, I think all puppies have also remained alive and they have all been given a good start. Everything was always very clean in your house and the room where the pups lived.
We have received a contract and a map of our pup with all kind of information about education and also details of Mexx & Ulanyo.
The only thing I missed was the RRCN examination of our puppy. (I have received this from you immediately.) You did well with how much Mexx growth during the pregnancy, but I was curious to know it very precisely. When I asked you this you gave me the information immediately.
What I still would like to have is the growth chart of my pup. I find it fun to keep her daily diary.
You forget so quickly how small she was and what she has seen all. Very nice is that you have created a photograph album for every pup. So the comments that I have are just very small. Stijn and I are very happy that we got a puppy from your kennel. We could not have wished better breeders.
The pups have had a super infusion received from you. This is so important for the rest of her life. We have therefore a very easy / fun start with her. We enjoy plenty of her. (Mandy and Stijn)
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