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Name Ferra's Chuma Mexx Fan ûnder de Mûne
NHSB 2477253
Welped October 17, 2003
Breeder Mrs. E.E. Meijer-Kalis
Owner H.P. Salm
Titles International Champion FCI
Dutch Champion NHSB
Data 63 cm / 32 kg / complete scissors bite
Colour wheaten, dark eyes
Sire Kimani's Image Askari (import USA)
Dame Shana's Ferra Fan ûnder de Mûne
Health screenings HD A Norbergwaarde 40
ED 0/0   OCD free

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here more info about kennel Fan ûnder de Mûne / Mrs. E.E. Meijer-Kalis.

Mexx herself is born out of a litter with 11 pups (5 boys / 6 girls). 3 Puppies had a ridge with 3 crowns, no ridgeless, no DS, no kinky tails, no extra white, no allergy problems.

Ferra, the mother of Mexx, is born out of a litter with 13 pups (7 boys / 6 girls). 1 Boy had a ridge with 3 crowns, no ridgeless, no DS, no kinky tails, no extra white, no allergy problems.
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more pictures of Shana's Ferra Fan ûnder de Mûne.

It is a pity that we are, in our opinion, a little too late infected with the Ridgeback virus and showing.
Before 2003 we noticed the Ridgeback a few times in a positive way and later we had a great desire to buy a Ridgeback pup. After we had to put down our German Sheppard unexpectedly in 2003, we came in contact with the kennel 'Fan ûnder de Mûne” from Mrs. Winie Meijer-Kalis. Winie had puppies at that time and she awarded us one. We preferred to have a female and, seen through our ‘’horse experience eyes’’, Mexx immediately had stolen our hearth by her body construction and character.
From the beginning Mexx is a beautiful and well balanced Ridgeback with a very honest, friendly, steady and open character. This was confirmed on the offspring day of the RRCN 2004. We were given the explicit advice to go to exhibitions with Mexx.Because of a rebuilding of our house, our first show with Mexx (3 years old) was at the RRCN Club Match in 2006. Henk entered the show ring completely inexperienced and although it went not very successful, we were infected with the “show virus”. Henk and Mexx started to follow a handlers / ring training and in the years after, many shows followed with only excellent reviews and many 1st placing.

Since Mexx has all the typical and good characteristics for a Ridgeback, we were advised by other breeders and judges to breed a litter with her. Of course we thought over the breeding advise very seriously because we feel an enormous responsibility for the new born puppies.

In 2007 we finally decided to breed our first litter (A Litter). From this litter we kept Puma (Mumoja). For details on this see 'A Litter'.

We are honoured of the fact that Mexx became Dutch Champion after only 17 shows in two years time with large and hard competition and with an inexperienced handler in the beginning. In the meantime Mexx gave birth to 12 healthy puppies.

Begin December 2008 Mexx gained her International Champion title on the show in Rouen.

On April 2, 2009 Mexx welped her second litter with 8 healthy and beautiful puppies. For details on this see ''B litter''.

On April 2, 2011 Mexx welped her thrid and last litter with 11 healthy and beautiful puppies. This delivery went with a lot of problems and Mexx needed to be neutralized immediately during the caesarian section. For details see ''C litter''.

We are very proud of our beautiful super Ridgeback Mexx.

Our lovely Mexx at the age of 10 years

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